National Trust Summer show 2016


This summer the National Trust are hosting 'Luke Elwes: Floating World', an exhibition of recent work on paper at their new gallery on Constable’s historic site of Flatford Mill. Exhibition details and text available here

'In his works on paper Luke Elwes captures the transient nature of place and memory. His chosen territory is close by the Stour estuary and similarly flat under an East Anglian sky but quite different to that sense of timeless order and apparent tranquility found in Constable country’.

The exhibition opens on 2 July and runs until 30 August 2016 at the National Trust Gallery, Flatford Mill, Suffolk CO7 6UL

Spring print 2016

'Spring' 2016, a limited edition lithograph in 3 colours, printed by the Curwen press

'Spring' 2016, a limited edition lithograph in 3 colours, printed by the Curwen press

This image - suggesting both a springing forth and a seasonal shift - is derived from a large oak tree that sits by the water’s edge on the east coast: a totemic presence, at once resisting and shaped by the elemental force of tides and weather. What appears at ground level to be silhouetted branches rising up into a bright blue expanse of sky and water might also be viewed from above as an intricate web of lines recalling the branching tributaries of a river. It is a territory punctuated with yellow markings, scattered fragments of sunlight that also suggest an eruption of spring growth.

Christmas Poem 2015

A web of black birch and silver on water, on pasture,

Netting the pillars of colour, lacing the pillars of light,

A reticulation of ambiguous space we gaze into, through,

Yet always end on the surface, where we start.


This is a time to take refuge in the connectedness of things and

Forsake the privileged instant for the gradual and continuous.

Our moments mate and spawn like the forfeit of

One decision towards a greater shared reality,

Improving truth with pattern,

The solid dissolving in a new winterlight,

A branching and echoing interruption of

Horizon or vanishing point.


In the business of looking, I collect, you surrender:

But the least push deserves an answering pull.


Christmas Poem 2015 by Andrew Lambirth

Luke Elwes: Reflection 2015

Luke Elwes: Reflection    Campden Gallery UK    10 October - 1 November 2015

Luke Elwes: Reflection    Campden Gallery UK    10 October - 1 November 2015

In his recent work Luke Elwes conjures up a particular space where land and water meet, where the shifting light radiates through a tree line or across coastal marshland and where the tides move back and forth through a delicate maze of creeks and channels. They reveal chance encounters with a myriad of visual stimuli: passing birds, rolling mist, scattered flora, wind blown leaves or drifting shapes, floating on, reflected in, the passing streams.

They are a fragile record of process and time, the uncertain result of a particular moment of elemental engagement, made without correction in one sitting. The location varies - sometimes close to home, sometimes in remote locations - and provides just a beginning, a way of collecting particles of colour and light, and a way of observing the play of prevailing conditions on a surface which, once it is scattered with incidental markings and stained with coloured pigment and organic matter, is then allowed to become saturated by the surrounding waters. And each time the resulting image belongs as much to the elements as to the artist who began it.

Albers Foundation April 2015

The Albers Foundation in Connecticut USA, founded in 1971, is devoted to preserving and promoting the enduring achievements of Josef and Anni Albers, and the aesthetic and philosophical principles by which they lived.

'The Foundation maintains residence studios for select visiting artists exemplifying the seriousness of purpose that characterized both Anni and Josef Albers. No aesthetic connection to the Alberses' work is necessary; only the intention to work in a concentrated way on one's art in idyllic conditions at a remove from the art world'.

During April and May 2015 I have been invited to work in one of the Foundation's studios, where previous British artists in residence have included Ian McKeever, Michael Porter, Rebecca Salter and Ian Davenport.