Genius Loci

When I think of some of the work by artists and writers I most admire I find, more often than not, that it is linked in my mind to a certain place and time, or else drawn from a particular territory they have somehow come to make their own.

Thus, in no particular order, I find myself returning to:

Richard Diebenkorn in Ocean Park,

Antoni Tapies in Barcelona,

Frank Auerbach on Primrose Hill,

Anselm Kiefer in Barjac,

Monet in the 1920s in Giverny,

Matisse in Paris in 1917,

Cy Twombly in Rome in 1961,

Giorgio Morandi in Bologna,

Clifford Possum in the Central Australian desert,

Francesco Clemente on Mount Abu,

Zoran Music in Dalmatia,

Sean Scully in Mexico,

Vija Celmins by the sea,  and

Richard Long in the desert.

As well as:

W.G.Sebald in East Anglia,

Roger Deakin in Suffolk,

Ryszard Kapuscinski in Africa,

Bruce Chatwin in Australia,

John Berger in Lisbon,

Octavio Paz in Mexico & India, and

Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul.