Paintings and works on paper from this new series will be exhibited at the Adam Gallery, 24 Cork Street London, from 18th September to 6th October 2012. Thereafter it moves to Bath until 18 October. Images and details are on the gallery website


The territories mapped out by Luke Elwes in these works have all the appearance of a recorded space grounded in memory, while remaining elusive and fluid. Serpentine forms and dynamic gestures emerge and dissolve in the falling light and rising water, where space - a fusion of sea and desert - seems simultaneously to be stretched and erased. Oscillating between presence and absence, the paintings induce a state of contemplative reverie. ‘What I find so unusual and compelling about the work', the author and traveller Robert Macfarlane has written, 'is the hover between encryption and archetype, enigma and fabulous openness'.

There will be an exhibition catalogue available, with short texts by the art historian Brendan Prendeville (Goldsmiths, University of London) and the writer Robert Macfarlane (author of The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot, Penguin 2012)