Cross Country

cross country explores the subtle graphic and spatial interplay between the work of three artists who each recover, through the cryptic tracery of lines and marks, crossings and erasures, the tactile experience and remembered contours of their chosen territory.

The large wall piece, a ‘spatial re-enactment’ in white chalk created for this project by Andrew Vass, concentrates on ‘the performative nature of drawing, the trace in relation to spaces, as a direct response or an internalized choreography’.

Alongside, Kate Palmer shows three of her recent portrait format drawings which relate to her snowboarding experiences, while Luke Elwes extends through his new work on paper an enquiry into the mind as landscape and how mark making becomes a means of crossing it.


New work by Andrew Vass, Luke Elwes & Kate Palmer

Broadbent Gallery, London

29 November – 15 December 2012